14 March 2011

Rate limiting MPLS / VPLS traffic

VPLS transports Layer2 frames and doesn't care about IP. If you try to queue or mangle traffic over a VPLS tunnel, it doesn't work. You need to use bridge-filters to mangle the traffic and queue-trees rather than simple queues. Queue-trees are more powerful than simple queues, get used to them.

Simple scenario: You want to limit traffic from CustA2 to CustA1 at 256k.

Mark traffic coming in ether1 with packet mark 'custA2-A1'

/interface bridge filter add chain=forward action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=custA2-A1 in-interface=ether1

Create a queue tree with the paret of vpls1. All shaping needs to be done on outbound traffic.

/queue tree add name=queue1 parent=vpls1 pack-mark=custA2-A1 limit-at=256000 max-limit=256000 burst-limit=0 burst-threshold=0


Anyone know of a better way?

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